Amy Bennetts class

Names Top row L-R Deanna Chisolm, Brisa Martienz, Kacie Crane, Abi McKee, Willow Motley, Mrs.  Amy Bennett, Shanayh Tyson, Gabby Watson, Erin Howell, Emily Adams Bottom tow L-R Yisaac Zavala, Levi Nelson, Mason Norris, Lance Dukes, Juany’ah Thomas, Dy’rek Howard, Juan Salazar


Walton Middle School is pleased to announce Mrs. Amy Bennett’s sixth period class as the winner of the WCSD's “Read To Succeed” Fall Contest. Mrs. Bennett’s students earned an astonishing 111 points on average, per student, which was 54 points higher than the classroom scoring second place in the event.   

To qualify for the contest, students were required to complete six possible activities. Each time a student successfully completed an activity, his or her class earned one point.  Activity scores of 75 percent or higher earned two points.  Activity scores of 88 percent or higher earned three points. To encourage students to do their very best, extra bonus points were awarded for earning high scores on the activity.

WMS is extremely proud of Mrs. Bennet and her winning class – they really did “Read To Succeed.”