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Each year, WMS can always count on Mrs. Kathy Russ to lead her students in understanding the value of simple acts of kindness.  This first week, after reading the book Scribble Stones by Diane Alber, Mrs. Russ' students spent some time turning ordinary rocks into works of art to share to brighten someone's day.  Mrs. Russ teaches her students daily to find beauty in the ordinary, and it will undoubtedly be a message they'll carry with them always.

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Walton Middle School's upperclassmen remember how hard it once was to open their combination locks for the first time in the gym locker room.  In an effort to lend a hand, seventh and eighth grade AVID students served as "locker buddies" to new sixth graders, teaching them the technique for successfully opening locks.  

At WMS, we know the change from elementary to middle school can be a little overwhelming, so we work hard to ease the transition, growing hearts of service and student connections along the way.