WCSD Observes Black History Month- ESP Showcase Marcus Baldwin and Leola Russell

Marcus Baldwin

Marcus Baldwin Serves our Walton County School District as a custodian for Walton High School and a driver for the Transportation Department.  Marcus has been an employee of our District for 30 years!  He has 5 wonderful children; 4 girls and 1 son.  Marcus is an avid sports fan and loves to sport Florida State memorabilia!  His favorite hobbies involve any type of sports activities, but basketball and football are his favorites. Thank you, Mr. Baldwin for supporting children.

Leola Russell

Leola Russell is an employee with the Walton County School District Transportation Department.  Leola’s career with the District began in 2003, where she served West Defuniak Elementary school as a member of their lunchroom staff.  Ms. Russell retired in 2013 but quickly realized she missed working with children and returned to the District in 2014 as a substitute.  She currently continues as a permanent employee assisting our student with special needs.  Leola says she has 3 children; 2 girls and 1 son. She loves to shop and enjoys sharing good times with her children and grandchildren.  Ms. Russell says “I love the children on my bus route, and they love me!  Thank you, Leola, for sharing your love with the students of Walton County School District!