Dune Lakes Elementary Art Instructor, Kathleen Whaley and Media Instructor, Rachel Gonzalez blend their Kindergarten curriculum to bring alive the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  

The Dot is rellistic fiction children’s book that explores overcoming self-doubt through the simplest of measures.  Vashti, the story’s main character is a reluctant learner who, through making a single dot on a page, learns that she can draw and ultimately be an inspiration to other new artists.  With the simple encouragement from her teacher “Just make a mark and see where it takes you!” Vashti is set on a path to explore something new with confidence. 

Dune Lakes Elementary Kindergarten students read The Dot in both art class and in their media class. In their art class, each student created two dots. Look where it took them – a beautiful collaborative installation between all Kindergarten classes and two special classes.

Dune Lakes is keeping it EPIC in special classes and Kindergarten!