School Board Member Tammy Smith, School Board Member Kim Kirby, School Board Member Jeri Michie, Vice Chairperson Bill Eddins, Chairperson Jason Catalano and Superintendent of Walton County Schools, A. Russell Hughes.

The Master Board Program, governance team training for the School Board and Superintendent, is designed to strengthen the leadership team’s ability to work effectively, efficiently, and collectively as a governance body while maintaining a focus on student achievement and factors contributing to the success of schools.  Opportunities are provided for the team to discuss and improve or enhance those important interpersonal issues which are essential to team functioning.

This leadership curriculum is designed to offer meaningful learning sessions concentrating on student achievement through the five components of the FSBA Governance Model. Some of the skills, knowledge, processes, and concepts that are addressed in the leadership curriculum include: supporting student achievement, consensus building, developing trust, conflict resolution, leadership and communication styles, stages of team development, perspective –taking, roles and responsibilities, district culture, and problem-solving.