The Curriculum and Instruction Department of Walton County School District is working diligently to support schools throughout our district as they rally to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Michael.

Supervisor, Kay Dailey, Student Services Director, Randy Stafford, and Coordinators Kim Stafford, Myca Chandler, Cathy Hall, Crystal Appel, Donna Honish, Keitha Bledsoe and their teams are joining efforts at our schools by participating in the special projects such as "Stuff the Bus", "Stack the Stage", "Pennies for the Panhandle", "Dollar for Hearts", and many other projects. They are also providing supplies, monetary donations, and assisting in delivery of items to area distribution stations to help those in need.

We are making sure that each school has the forms and documents needed to accommodate increased enrollment resulting from the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, to include school residency forms. Once forms are submitted and students have been identify as displaced, efforts are made through the Curriculum and Instruction department to provide assistance with breakfast and lunch, clothing, school supplies, and connection with agencies that can provide additional support in areas of housing and feeding outside of the school environment.

Dr. Randy Stafford indicated that our guidance departments are currently undergoing special training called Youth - Mental Health First Aid designed to help recognize indicators of stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that may develop and/or increase due to the effects of displacement and relocation. Dr. Stafford and his team are assessing need and have begun to formulate ideas on how to provide additional services to students and families who have been victims of the hurricane.

Youth - Mental Health First Aid workshop.  Front Row: far left, Dr. Randy Stafford.  Front Rpw: far right, School Safety Specialist, Charlie Morse.